Farm Products

All herbs and produce are Certified Naturally Grown  (CNG is a non-government alternative to organic certification).   



Wildcrafted & Cultivated  Medicinal Herbs.   Wild Blackberry Leaf; Blue Mountain, Mattefellon, Arrsmart, Lemon Balm, Oat Straw, Bluestem Native Grass, Saint John’s Wort, Solidago, Red Clover, White Clover, Purple Deadnettle, Walnut Leaf & many others.  Sustainably  and ethically harvested; no native plants are over-harvested and harvest is managed with respect for the environment.

Note:  We are not medical practitioners.  No medical advice is provided.   Our herbs and herbal products are traditional food products and have not been reviewed by the FDA. 

The owner of Terembry Farm is a member of United Plant Savers, a non-profit dedicated to conservation of endangered wild medicinal plants. For more information, please visit their website,