Week 1. Welcome!

The growing season has been topsy-turvy this year. In April, right after the first week of sowing, we were hit with hot, dry weather. Our pea crop did not like that. To put it bluntly, the peas tanked.  Then in May, which is usually drier, and a great time to plant the next group of crops (tomatoes, corn, beans), we had tons of rain, almost catching us up on the five inch deficit since the start of 2012.

What has done well? Beets and turnips!   And radishes too. Lettuces are doing well, and the arugula and spinach are coming though  not abundant due to the early hot weather. Our onion sets did well too, but not our onion seed.

Our potatoes have grown amazingly, especially the blues.  They’re for later though, when the greens bend over—and if we’ve succeeded in keeping the potato bugs off with hot cayenne pepper spray. And our corn, beans and tomatoes are coming along beautifully.

So this week and next, we’re looking at a harvest of turnips and beets and radishes and a wonderful mix of lettuces and greens, included in there is spinach and chard. We’re also including some cabbage good measure. (We had hoped to provide ramps—a wild delicate onion—which grow in abundance here. But that’s for next spring and an an earlier CSA season.)

In your crate, you should find cabbage,  chard, greens, beets and turnips–both heirloom red and white turnips—along with a variety of radishes.  (We’re packing greens in cheesecloth, tied with string, to get away from plastic as much as possible.)

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