Week 5. Storm Survival!

Terembry Week 5  –  Storm Survival!

Week 5 and we’re into July!  We’ve planted more corn and we’re getting a different variety –should have some of the Sugar Pearl soon.   The corn earlier in the season was bi-color, from an area farm.   Delivery on Saturday was impacted but we made it. Lots of texting and email to notify you regarding the delay, and I hope that all got our messages.

Potatoes, Burgundy beans (aren’t they pretty?), Peppers, green beans and zucchini and herbs were all part of  Saturday’s  package.

Heard good things from everyone about the blue potatoes.  We’re trying to find more of the All Blues to plant but all the NOP certified seed potato providers are sold out.  Next year we’re going to plant much more!

We’re planting more and also getting ready for an implosion of tomatoes, corn, squash, peppers and beans—along with herbs.    Our large bed is ringed with cayenne peppers –so we should be bringing you a good variety, along with more herbs. I especially like the banana peppers.

Regarding last Friday’s storm, I hope all of you now have power and that the damage was not too bad.

We were lucky at the farm. We didn’t lose power, and the only tree damage was a split large maple that came down on the driveway, and a smaller black walnut down in the back yard near the kennels.  And all our crates got tumbled – but that’s nominal!

As you know, Friday was intensely hot and I came back to the farm about 8 p.m., took care of the keets and chicks—they are growing rapidly! Then the dogs wanted in.  They always know ahead of time when storms are en route.  But our location here on the farm is protected with natural wind breaks.

There are about 30 open acres and the balance in timber.  Woods surround the property.  The old house is up on the hill and overlooks a shallow dell where we have a perch table pond (spring fed).  Each corner of the front room of the old house maps exactly to the points of the compass and storms here almost always come from the west.

Out on the porch, one has a view of the western sky framed by the large walnut and boxwoods.

That’s where I was late on Friday evening, watching the lightening frame the sky.  (The dogs were huddled in the kitchen!)

As you all know, the day had been blisteringly hot and I was worried about getting the beds watered—then this Armageddon of a storm developed so rapidly and poured water.

Had any of you every heard of a “Derecho” storm?  I hadn’t. What a storm!   I was amazed the next day that we didn’t lose our black walnut crop.  The trees are still loaded.

As said earlier, I hope all have recovered and now have power.  Nature is a force to be respected, and maybe we need to pay more attention to her.

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