Terembry Farm Week 14 & 15: Drought ends, Fall begins

Week 14, and Labor Day, saw more hot dry weather.  We took advantage of it to plant, but goodness it was dry.  Finally this past weekend, we got some rain—actually it rained all weekend, which was wonderful.

And today, we got more rain—albeit a rather serious storm with intense wind, but nothing like the one early in the season that did so much damage to so many.  And now, after the rain, I’m walking around, noting that everything planted on Labor Day is sprouting and one plus inches tall.  Other beds are coming along too.   After the storms, the sky has changed from the blue of earlier to a shaded, luminescent gray—the colors of fall skies.  The temperature feels downright chilly compared to earlier, also.

This is the time for winter plants:  turnips, spinach, kale, arugula, chard.   Turnips will winter over, as will some greens.  We’ll also plant kress seed.

Every August my mother would go to Fredericksburg Hardware and buy a small bag of seed.  She would sow the kress in the area where potatoes had been dug, and then harvest the greens throughout the winter so that we always had fresh greens.  I’ve been looking online for the seed and have been unsuccessful, but someone told me that Southern States Feed Coop carries it.

Kress used to be a native plant but was adopted by very early settlers as a winter plant.  It makes a peppery winter green, and can be sautéed like turnip greens or cooked with meat for a savory flavor. While related to watercress—field kress is quite different and not so mild in flavor.  Like turnip greens, it is a good source of calcium and other nutrients.

Hard to believe Fall is here.



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