Week 16: Farm loss and a memorable dinner to come

First, thanks to all of you who told me you were saddened to hear about one of the farm dogs.  Olive (Ollie) was a sweet 6 year old sable German Shepherd—a big baby with humans, who had a big heart.  She, like her sisters, was born here, and her unofficial puppy name was “Fierce Bad Rabbit,” because she always had a wide-eyed look.  Unfortunately we had to put her down. She will be missed for a long time.

The dogs here are all pure bred GSDs (German Shepherds), from a German line, not American and they are all part of a single family.  Their appearance and bark is intimidating to some, but dog people usually understand them pretty well and appreciate them.

The garden is winding down.  We’re still picking beans and peppers, and are now preparing for the dinner this weekend.  There will be a buffet with chicken, linguine with basil pesto, tomato salad , corn pudding with cheddar and jalapeño peppers, good bread—probably French, and something good for dessert.  We’ll set up tables under the pecan trees, overlooking the pond. Rogers Ford will be here and they have wonderful wines, especially their Jacob Christopher Chardonnay, named after their grandson. The wine tasting will be a fundraiser for Bread for the City—so we hope all enjoy appropriately!

The poultry are growing, and the Guineas continue to fascinate—the older guineas have to some extent adopted the babies, and roost near them every night.  Before roosting, they parade up and down on top of the box where we keep the younger birds for safe keeping, talking to them.

The chickens are doing well, and thoroughly enjoy every table scrap we toss.  It amazes me that I can toss in a pumpkin, and there be no trace of it 30 minutes later! We are still waiting for the to start producing eggs and are hoping we’ll get a few before the season ends in a month.

Some of you have asked for recipes, and we are working on it:  pumpkin and hot pepper jelly were the most frequently discussed!

Looking forward to Sunday’s event and wine tasting!  We hope all enjoy.

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