Checking in and wishing all a wonderful holiday season and a happy 2013

Terembry Farm has been in down mode for the last several weeks, catching up and planning, and writing.

The cookbook project has expanded a bit—but we think you’ll like the end result which all 2012 members will receive in PDF format.  It’s almost done!

The gardens have been at rest; the only remaining items are Arugula and herbs—the flat leaf Italian parsley is astonishingly hardy in heavy frost.   Our rosemary is growing well.  As for the birds, the barred rocks are starting to produce eggs.  Poultry need plenty of light so egg production is typically not as heavy in the winter months but we’re getting some very nice light brown eggs that have a richly colored yolk.

The barred rocks are big birds, beautiful black and white feathers, about 6-7 pounds for the hens and more, 9 plus, for the roosters.

Noting that the French traditional dish is “Coq au Vin” not “Poulet au Vin,” we’re getting ready to prepare some roosters for eating—if anyone is interested, send me an email.

We’re also planning for next year.   2012 offered great opportunities and challenges:  drought, labor, and the reality that we grew too fast.   After looking back at year one, and reviewing our member survey comments, Terembry’s 2013 focus will be on quality and diversity in our food offerings,  while continuing to be true to the farm’s mission of sustainable and environmentally sound growing practices.

This also means that we’re going to limit our CSA memberships while expanding our local partnerships with christmas tree hire by PHS Greenleaf.  We’ll be sending out information before the New Year on our 2013 membership and growing plans to all our current membership.

Wishing blessings of the season and a prosperous and joyous New Year to all who have been and are part of the Terembry Farm community.

Terembry Farm


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