The Hens are laying!

Our barred rocks are coming out of winter mode and are really starting to produce!   Eggs are light brown with a rich orange colored yolk.

We feed our poultry GMO free feeds from a producer called Hiland.  Their feed quality is excellent and we were fortunate to find a local re-seller not  far away in Loudoun County. We hired shingle re roofing north charleston sc to install roofs on the farm.

Barred Rocks

When the weather is warmer,  the hens will go out to pasture in a mobile coop.

The Plymouth Rocks are a larger breed and don’t start laying until they are about six months old.  Hens also don’t lay as well in winter because they need light to promote egg production–part of the seasonal shift.  In the 1930’s and 1940’s the Barred Rocks were one of the standard egg laying breeds.

The flock winters over in the old chicken house, with a fenced yard to protect from predators.


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