Welcome to the season!

June 11, 2013

A brief update on the farm and welcome to the start of the CSA season—May was hectic, with travel early and then planting, and now more planting in June for the fall season, winter squash, pumpkins.  Weeding is a big deal too, this time of year!

All the spring plants are popping.  Peapods are hanging, the radishes are a great size and the Ohno turnips are doing well too, along with the heritage mesclun lettuce mix.  Our first share will be Saturday with shares delivered at Hurkamp, staffed by farm apprentice Keith, and I’ll be taking the shares up to Stafford for delivery there.  Confirmation emails will be going out to the membership.

Shares will have French Breakfast radishes, HMS heirloom Lettuce Mesclun mix, Onions, Golden Globe Turnips, Herbs, Lamb’s Quarter, a wild edible that we propagate in the garden, and Tall Top beets, another heirloom, along with a surprise or two~!

I still have a post to write about our visit to Long Meadow Farm in Napa Valley.  Napa is an incredibly sophisticated food venue and they’ve been focused on the sustainable food scene quite a bit longer than the East Coast.

We’ve  a new crop of baby birds in the kitchen, 40 Plymouth Barred Rocks, the staple here, and 15 Ameraucanas, a South African hen that lays blue eggs. The Barred Rocks are an Ark of Taste heritage breed selection, and they are terrific, sturdy birds.   They lay well and they are winter hardy.  This new crop is part of the necessary annual rotation—we’ll need new birds every year.  I get them from McMurray Hatchery in Iowa, which is one of the most reputable hatcheries at a day old.

We feed our birds certified non-GMO feed and the farm is looking at a new official non-GMO certification.  Turns out that organic certification doesn’t always catch GMs, according to some of the literature I’ve been reading.

Also, just want to say how much I’m enjoying working with “farm apprentice” Keith—that’s the title we’ve decided upon.  He enjoys the work and the garden, from weeding to planting to just seeing it all come together.  And, we’re enjoying the market scene at Hurkamp.  Good to be a part of it.


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