Welcome to Terembry Farm,  located in southern Fauquier County, close to Kelly’s Ford, Virginia.

Terembry Farm has been twenty plus years in planning and  comes from a long commitment to organic and sustainable farm production—and to quality food.  The farmland here has been kept fallow until 2012 in preparation to seek  organic certification; we do not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.  Water for the farm comes from a spring fed pond.

We are located just minutes away from the Rappahannock River. The land has been in farming use since the area was settled in pre-revolutionary era Virginia.

Terembry Farm is named to honor the original family who settled the property here prior to the American Revolution, the Embrey family.   

Our focus is medicinal herbs; Terembry offers a variety of herb simples (one-herb teas, tinctures, & infusions) through the affiliated business SimpleHerbals.  For 2019,  our growing focus will continue to be wild-crafted and cultivated medicinal herbs and herbal products. We’ll also likely have some free range non GMO eggs and for 2019 will be adding quail–so look for non GMO quail eggs.