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  1. Dear Sharon, Fritz Ludwig sent me your name. I was a long time APA Araucana breeder until health problems forced me to retire. If you wish to raise blue egg fowl strictly for egg production, you would be better off raising Ameraucanas, which are better suited for production purposes. They are bearded, tailed and lay blue eggs. There are APA and ABA standards for this breed, so they can be shown if you wish. A second route would be getting “Araucana” Easter Eggers from a reputable hatchery, such as Murray McMurray. Hope this helps you. Cathy Brunson

  2. Hello,

    I am looking for burlap bags to make dolls with. My goal is not to purchase anything new (Upcycling materials) in order to make them. It was suggested that I check with farms.It is alright if they have holes in them. It will add charm to the dolls.

    Thank you.

    1. Lisa,

      Burlap isn’t used like it used to be–most of the feed bags and material bags are made from plastic mesh. That being said, burlap is still used in gardening, often to wrap tree roots or protect shrubs, and is often available in bulk at garden centers or from grower’s supply stores.

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