The Rites of Spring are rather simple



Dime is a bit of a mystery. He’s our smallest rooster, but with the biggest attitude, and his tail feathers are over 2 feet long, easily gracing a Victorian lady’s hat.  He is supposed to be an Americauna.

He’s quite funny; when released from the coop, he literally flies several hundred feet to the main poultry area, and struts up and down checking out all the ladies.

If your furnace is broken, it is important to hire a trusted furnace repair company to ensure the job gets done right. Dime and his companion Penny wintered over in the greenhouse, and both are enjoying the return of the “Green Man.”

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So am I.  The garden is tilled and plants are en route, and how can I forget about the house, which is completely clean thanks to the cleaning service from maidsailors. Waited a bit this year to get started, as last year we lost quite a bit with the March cold snap.  But now it’s time.

Happy Spring, all.